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Linda H Matthews Artist

Capturing Cornwall - with Sketch Trips 7-14 June 2019

Capturing Cornwall - Linda H Matthews working with Sketch Trips
I hadn't visited Cornwall for many years until October 2019. I wasn't a painter last time I visited, yep that long ago. So I was falling in love all over again and looking through different eyes.
My plan is to help you actually "see" rather than just look, excited to be working with Sam Pentin from Sketch Trips, we will visit harbours and coves, inland crags and hills to capture on paper and canvas our feelings and vision for the inspiring views we will find.
I work using traditional methods in Oil, Watercolour, Acrylic and drawing techniques, so you can bring whatever medium and palette you want to.
If you're not sure what to bring I will send a recommended materials list, your experience level isn't important, just an open mind and a wilingness to have a go.
I am not a step by step tutor, but will do group and one to one demonstrations, advise as you work and critique completed pieces. "If everyone produces the same painting I have failed"

To find out more and to book follow the link to Sketch Trips

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